Welcome to Aumaxum Windows and Doors, where innovation meets sustainability in our latest endeavor – the transformation of a disused quarry into a groundbreaking Passivhaus haven. Join us on this exciting journey as we repurpose forgotten spaces, harnessing the raw materials of the quarry to create windows and doors that redefine eco-friendly living.

The Quarry’s Rebirth:

Our story begins with the rediscovery of a disused quarry, a forgotten gem with untapped potential. At Aumaxum, we saw an opportunity to not only salvage a neglected landscape but also to contribute meaningfully to the environment. The abundance of quality raw materials and the spacious surroundings made this quarry an ideal canvas for our Passivhaus vision.

Sustainable Material Harvesting:

One of the cornerstones of our commitment to sustainability is responsible material sourcing. The quarry, with its wealth of stone, became the birthplace of Aumaxum’s Passivhaus windows and doors. By locally harvesting and utilizing these materials, we reduced the carbon footprint associated with transportation, aligning our values with the principles of eco-conscious construction.

Passivhaus Excellence:

At Aumaxum, we adhere to the highest standards of energy efficiency, and the Passivhaus principles provided the blueprint for our quarry transformation. Our mission was to design windows and doors that not only met the rigorous Passivhaus standards but also harmonized with the natural beauty of the quarry’s surroundings.

Innovative Design Solutions:

Our architects and designers embarked on a journey of creativity and sustainability, leveraging the quarry’s unique topography to enhance the passive heating and cooling capabilities of our products. The strategic placement of windows and doors maximizes natural light and ventilation, ensuring a comfortable and energy-efficient living space.

Overcoming Challenges:

Converting a disused quarry into a Passivhaus haven posed its own set of challenges. Aumaxum’s dedicated team worked tirelessly to address issues ranging from stabilizing the terrain to maintaining structural integrity. Our commitment to sustainable construction practices guided us through these challenges, resulting in a project that stands as a testament to our perseverance.

Community Collaboration:

Aumaxum believes in the power of community collaboration. We engaged with local residents, sharing our vision for the quarry’s revival and inviting them to be part of the journey. The project became a source of pride for the community, fostering a shared commitment to environmental sustainability.


As we proudly unveil our Passivhaus haven born from a disused quarry, Aumaxum Windows and Doors invites you to explore the synergy between nature and innovation. Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond windows and doors; it’s about transforming spaces, fostering community, and leaving a lasting impact on the environment. Join us in redefining eco-conscious living with Aumaxum.

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